So…What’s Really Behind the Smile?

In light of the recent case of Gabby Petito: Fear, coupled with the fact that I’m not one to open up on social platforms around personal life happenings outside of the happy, usual “highlights”, has kept this post on the back burner for longer than I’d like to admit… alas, here we are.

For those of you that know my truth, held space, and loved me through it all, thank you. You are the real MVPs and words cannot express how unbelievably grateful I am to have you in my corner.

For those of you who are hearing it here first, my intention with this post is deeply rooted in spreading awareness and opening the floodgates of support that exist for those who are experiencing or have experienced hidden abuse (verbal, psychological, emotional, & physical).

It feels pretty scary, but mostly humbling to advocate for and speak up on a topic that is very much viewed as taboo and wildly uncomfortable for those who are in the thick of it as well as for those who are not. In any case, it is IMPORTANT – and to prevent circumstances like those in the case of Gabby Petito from continuing to happen… it is overwhelmingly necessary.

If you or anyone you know is stuck in the isolating confines of a relationship riddled with hidden abuse, please share the following resources.

Weekly peer support sessions occur most Tuesdays at 6pm PT/9pm ET. You can sign up or using this link:

For further information in joining the Tidal community and details on the Tidal documentary, feel free to send me a message or visit:

For situations of a more serious nature visit: or call 1-800-799-SAFE

Last but not least, big, BIG ups to so, so many for being my guiding lights throughout this beautiful, messy process of continued healing.

~when we heal ourselves, we heal the world~

#nomorehiding #letsmakewaves #hiddenabuse #narcsanon #narcissisticabuse #psychologicalabuse #traumabonding #sociopathawareness #NDVH #tidal

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